Here are some questions we have been asked by clients. If there are any questions that you have that cannot be answered from this page, or on the rest of this website, please do not hesitate to contact us using the Email Form in the "Contact Us" page or the Quick Enquiry form on the Home page.

Q:  Where are you based and how far will you travel?
A:   We are based in Glasgow/Edinburgh, and will travel literally wherever you would like us to play - home, or abroad! Please note that the cost will increase the further away you would like us to play to cover our expenses.

Q:   How long do you play for?
A:   We usually play over the space of 4 hours (from 8pm -12am) with a 30-minute break during the evening buffet. While the band do not usually offer an option to extend our hours past midnight if we have an 8pm start, we do provide a DJ Service usually until 1am, or at a time that suits your preferences (for example, from 11pm ‘til 12am instead of 12am ‘til 1am)

Q:   Do you provide your own equipment?
A:   Yes, we provide everything ourselves - from the PA/Sound System right down to lighting for the band and dancefloor.

Q:   How long does it take you to set up?
A:   We can be set up and ready to play 1 hour after we have available access to the space we are setting up in the room.  We will usually arrive on plenty of time (1 to 1.5 hours before) in order to keep things running smoothly.

Q: Do you play music during your break?
A: We do provide music during the break. Alternatively you can provide us with an iPod, phone or MP3 player with your own chosen playlist. If you have specific songs you would like at the break, if you send them to us in advance and we could play them for you on our system instead ensuring a smoother transition between the live band and the break music, keeping everything flowing.

Q:  Can we choose any song we want for our first dance?
A:  Yes. We want your day to be as special as possible. As part of our service we will learn any song you wish for your first dance, provided the band are actually able to perform it to a high standard - if we feel that we could not replicate the track using the instruments we have, we will advise that the original track be played.

PLEASE NOTE: We will need at least TWO MONTHS notice to give us time to learn the first dance for you. We must, however, limit clients to choose only ONE dance, and if applicable, a father/daughter dance chosen from our setlist.  We cannot learn a new father/daughter dance on top of a first dance. We can provide you with a list of Father/Daughter dances that we have done in the past to give you some ideas.

Q:  Can you perform a Ceilidh set?
A:  Yes! If requested, we can perform 3 or 4 called dances either live with the full band (Coming later in 2018), or with backing tracks. If you wish the full 1-hour ceilidh package with our accordion player, this is a fantastic addition to any wedding. Please contact us for details!

Q:  How do I book the band?
A:  Please contact us, or use the Instant Availability Checker on to check we have your date available – you can then book the band online and you will receive an online contract within 7 days.

Q:  Can I choose the setlist I want at my wedding?
A:   As musicians with years of experience in providing entertainment, we feel we are best equipped to choose tried and tested songs which are always a winner and the order in which we play them. This is partly what you are paying us for. However, we do strive to make your wedding as personal as possible, so feel free to choose any songs you prefer from our set list and we will ensure they are played.

Also, PLEASE provide us with you and your guests preferred taste in music and what would go down best on the night. This is much better for us than having to go in with no prior information and having to read the room on the night.

Anything else you would like (within reason!), we can learn for you if you give us enough notice, provided they are songs that the band would continue to play in their repertoire.

N.B. If we feel that the song requests chosen are not suited to us as a band, or we would not be able to play them, we can certainly provide the option to play these songs at the buffet break, or at the end of the night.

Q:  My cousin/brother/uncle is a great singer/guitarist - can he come up and sing a song/play a tune?
A:  If you give us enough advanced notice, we can work something out. If you know something in particular they sing well, let us know in advance and we’ll make sure we’re prepared! If the bride, or indeed groom, wants to sing a song as a surprise for his/her other half, please also let us know and we can make the arrangements with you!

N.B. Due to past experience, we cannot allow anyone to use our instruments at all. All of the equipment we bring to your wedding is worth almost £30,000 in total. If anything is broken by a guest coming to play with us, you, as our client, would hold full responsibility for damage and cost of the replacement/repair, so to save this from happening, we would prefer if the guest(s) bring their own instruments if needed. 


Q: If the wedding runs over time, can you play longer, or play through the buffet break?

A: No. The buffet break is a time for your evening guests to get something to eat and also all the full-day guests to give their ears a break. When the food is served, nobody is on the dancefloor, the staff usually put the house lights up, and the band end up playing to a queue at the back of the room lining up to get fed...not exactly a party atmosphere! Also, bear in mind that depending on the location of your wedding venue, the band could possibly have been travelling for anything up to 4 hours to reach you with very little to eat, therefore it is important for the band to have this break too (so we don't collapse in a heap!).  Under certain circumstances, the band may not take the full allocated 30-minute break, but this is at the band's discretion. 


The Hirer (Client) is responsible for providing adequate supervision and/or security at all times. In the event of unruly, threatening, or abusive behaviour by any individual(s) during the event, if the band fear for their safety (or the safety of their equipment) the band is entitled to terminate the performance and still be paid in full. 

In the event where the band’s equipment is damaged by the Client or guests of the Client, the band will endeavour to show the Client the damage at the time of the incident, or provide photographic evidence on further inspection of the damage. 

It would be the responsibility of The Client to recover the costs of the repair or replacement of the damaged equipment.